Thursday, July 25, 2013

I love you! And I wanted to let you know that I have made it to England safe and sound. I'm at the MTC with about 80 elders and 12 sisters. We were in a group of 42 elders on the way here from Salt Lake. Boy did we attract a lot of attention. Everyone thought we were crazy. The boys are ALL eighteen, and us 4 girls on the flight were 21, 21, and 23 and a 19-year-old. I love the feeling here at the MTC, this place is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. So so great. the grounds at the MTC are a perfect mix of foggy, rainy, and gorgeous. If I weren't a missionary, I would already be wandering off to go explore.

The people I have already met are fantastic. Except I think I scared away one poor elder who I accidently flashed when my dress got caught in my suitcase. Other than that, everyone is cool with everyone. Most of the people here in the MTC are going to the Scotland and Irelad mission. Also, not one of the girls in my room speak english. So, it's sort of terrifying. All six of us speak different languages ranging from Hungarian to Portugese to English. So far we haven't done anything in the classroom, but I'm about to see who my comanion will be! So pumped. Also, I think I know why Jordan likes it here so much. Every single car on the roads is a nice one. Either a Mercedes, a BMW, an Audi, etc. And all the English boys dress nicer than me. Okay, I'm done. Again, I love you! Jesus loves you, my traveling worked out perfectly. Don't worry about me quite yet. I'll let you know when you'll need to start.

Sister Kuykendall

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