Monday, October 28, 2013

Family and friends,
This past week, I've been freaking out as transfers are coming. I'm pretty darn sure one of us is going to leave, and since Sister Lambert has been in this area for a good six months, I'm pretty sure it's going to be her. And then I'll have to teach a new girl how to navigate this area. I really don't know if I can do that. The good news is, there are no new sisters coming in until February of next year, so I for sure won't be training.
Anyway, I've been thinking this past week quite a bit about the missionaries that have served or are serving within my family. One of the reasons I considered going on a mission was because of these examples. I remember my uncle Erick returning home from his mission and being really impressed with the love that he had for the Peruvian people. I've wanted so badly to be the same way. I think about this example often as I meet new people. I also think about my grandpa Doug often. I didn't get to hear many of his missionary experiences, but I do know that he is the hardest worker of anyone I've ever met and that he loved the gospel. Though I don't know much about his mission, I was able to take his Preach My Gospel book with me on mine. As I was studying it this week, I found something written in his handwriting on one of the notes pages:
"At the end of my mission, I want to have had the courage and patience to do the hard things over and over that make a difference in people's lives. I want to have moved out of my comfort zone and flown."
This was written for me. It's no coincidence that I have his PMG and found this note at that time. At times, it seems impossible todo the hard things over and over like Grandpa said. Yet, my grandpa did them because he knew that would be the thing that made the difference. And that is what I will strive to do. I'm so lucky to have had the examples I do. Erick, Grandpa, my uncles, Michelle, and many others. I'm so excited to be apart of this!
Alma 26:12
Sister K

Monday, October 14, 2013

Finally some pictures!

Family and Friends,
Okay, so I'm still learning how to send pictures. And it took me like an hour to get just five sent. And I'm not even exactly sure which five I'm sending, but I hope you like them and they're all that you hoped they would be. I'm pretty sure it's just me with other missionaries and such. Also, I think I'm gaining weight so if you notice, someone please be a peach and tell me so I can change my ways.
Anyway, this week was absolutely super. It started out looking like a pretty slow and dull week, but as it went on we were able to teach lessons and gain investigators through simple conversations on the street. In one such encounter, we met two women who were enjoying the nice quiet hours of the early morning. One was in a wheelchair, and we began speaking with them. Upon hearning that we wanted to talk about Jesus Christ, the woman in the wheelchair became very reverent and began asking us about everything we knew about Him as if her life depended on it. Her voice was quiet, but she asked question after question. We told her of His love for her and how the Book of Mormon is another testiment of Him. We handed her a copy, and she carefully opened the book and began to read Moroni 10 out loud. The incredible reverence this woman had for her Saviour made me stop and think about my own attitudes. Sometimes it's easy to think of the Book of Mormon as a book about some cool guys who fought other guys and some prophets talk about how to be righteous in the middle. When you see the book as it really is, a book about the mission and doctrine of the Saviour, our whole perspective and attitude should change. This is a book that was preserved for our time and testifies of the Saviour and His love for us. This woman understood that, and I hope that I can also emulate the reverence that she had toward Him every second of every day. 
Also, we also had the opportunity to see the first LDS chapel in England with all our mission where prophets and great missionaries have been before us. The spirit of the place was incredible, and I loved being able to walk in places that great men and women have gone. And, I got to see my first fairytale castle with my district last Monday. Ah, it was absolutely beautiful. I hope that at least one of the pictures I'm sending is of the castle. Anyway, I hope that you all have a good week and that you remember that our Saviour and our Heavenly Father are there for us always. They know our potential and give us guidence so that we can meet that potential. I love you guys!
Sister K

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference was so great. Seriously. It was so nice to be able to watch something that I'm so familiar with and always brings me comfort. Sister Lambert and I were able to get one of our investigators to one of the sessions. His name is Idris, and he's an older man who's extremely sensitive to the spirit. We had him on a baptismal date once upon a time until we taught him word of wisdom. So we're still working with him. I was super worried the whole time that he would hate it. We didn't tell him it was two hours long because we thought he would end up saying no, but at the end he said he enjoyed it.  Whenever anyone said something about missionary work in conference, I tried remember every word. Sometimes I think I'm on a mission just so that when I get home, I can be a better member missionary. I sorta have no idea what I'm doing sometimes, I'll admit it. But I feel as if I'm learning things out here that will be extremely useful when I get into my own wards. So here's some advice from a 21 year old girl who has no idea what she's doing: be a missionary now! You do not have to have a tag to do so. Pray to find opportunities to serve and share the gospel. My mother is an incredible example of being a missionary, as she has moved back to California, out of the comforts of her friends and family in Utah. She has shared the gospel in countless ways, and at times has not recieved the best response; however, her courage is admirable beyond compare. Be like her. More importantly, be like Christ. Christ has asked us to feed His sheep. You don't have to stop random people on the street and bring up the gospel from nothing (and be grateful this is the case). Live the gospel, pray for opportunities to share it, and they will come. And let me tell you, the missionaries in your areas will be eternally grateful for your work and sacrifice. Missionaries want to serve and teach. They CANNOT do so until they actually have a real person to teach the gospel to. Members of the church are full-time finders. We are told this time and time again, and I am sad to say that when I was home, I failed at this, and I hope that I can make up for it until the end of my life as I work to help the missionaries teach my friends and aquaintances.
Anyway, life here in Cardiff is still super. I cannot say enough that I love this wheather. Gah, it is always perfect and foggy and overcast and I get to be outside in it all day. Sister Lambert and I are becoming pro bikers, and are learning how to be graceful while riding our mountain bikes up hills in our long skirts. This last week, my skirt got caught in my bike brake while riding through the middle of town, and like the refined woman that I am, I ripped it out while going super fast down a hill, and nearly flashed all the people nearby. Well, I love you, Jesus loves you, and hope to hear from you all soon.
Sister K