Monday, October 14, 2013

Finally some pictures!

Family and Friends,
Okay, so I'm still learning how to send pictures. And it took me like an hour to get just five sent. And I'm not even exactly sure which five I'm sending, but I hope you like them and they're all that you hoped they would be. I'm pretty sure it's just me with other missionaries and such. Also, I think I'm gaining weight so if you notice, someone please be a peach and tell me so I can change my ways.
Anyway, this week was absolutely super. It started out looking like a pretty slow and dull week, but as it went on we were able to teach lessons and gain investigators through simple conversations on the street. In one such encounter, we met two women who were enjoying the nice quiet hours of the early morning. One was in a wheelchair, and we began speaking with them. Upon hearning that we wanted to talk about Jesus Christ, the woman in the wheelchair became very reverent and began asking us about everything we knew about Him as if her life depended on it. Her voice was quiet, but she asked question after question. We told her of His love for her and how the Book of Mormon is another testiment of Him. We handed her a copy, and she carefully opened the book and began to read Moroni 10 out loud. The incredible reverence this woman had for her Saviour made me stop and think about my own attitudes. Sometimes it's easy to think of the Book of Mormon as a book about some cool guys who fought other guys and some prophets talk about how to be righteous in the middle. When you see the book as it really is, a book about the mission and doctrine of the Saviour, our whole perspective and attitude should change. This is a book that was preserved for our time and testifies of the Saviour and His love for us. This woman understood that, and I hope that I can also emulate the reverence that she had toward Him every second of every day. 
Also, we also had the opportunity to see the first LDS chapel in England with all our mission where prophets and great missionaries have been before us. The spirit of the place was incredible, and I loved being able to walk in places that great men and women have gone. And, I got to see my first fairytale castle with my district last Monday. Ah, it was absolutely beautiful. I hope that at least one of the pictures I'm sending is of the castle. Anyway, I hope that you all have a good week and that you remember that our Saviour and our Heavenly Father are there for us always. They know our potential and give us guidence so that we can meet that potential. I love you guys!
Sister K

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