Monday, November 11, 2013

New Companion!

Family and friends,
Sorry I didn't write this last week! Sister Lambert has left me, and though I was freaking out for a while because my trainer was leaving my side for the first time, my new companion has calmed all my fears. Her name is Sister Heikki, she's from Sweden, and we like to laugh. Which is good because on our first day together, 12 people told us to go away. But we love it here anyway. I feel so lucky to be able to be in a position where I can meet a hundred new people in one day. When I got called to the Englad Birmingham Mission, I had no idea the I would become so familiar with the people and culture of Wales. I know the city of Cardiff better than most of the people that have lived here for years, and I can now understand the accent. I've even been told that I'm gaining a bit of an accent myself. But by golly, I love the Welsh. I think I've said that often, but I really honestly do.
Remembrance Day here in the UK is pretty big. I thought it was yesterday, but the guy at the computer next to me has just said it's today. So now I don't know. But at this time, everyone feels really close, and they all remember the people that have died for their freedoms. In sacrament yesterday, we spent a moment in silence remembering the people that died for our physical and spiritual freedom. I thought of my grandpa Doug, and the fact that he served his country with great pride and spent the last few months of his life serving his God. There have been many people who have gone before me who have been martyrs for the truth. Though I don't have much time, I'd like to leave you with my simple testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that through him priesthood authority has been reestablished on the earth. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world, and our Heavenly Father loves each of us no matter our background or weaknesses. I love this gospel, and I could not be here if I did not have a firm faith that this is Christ's gospel, exactly as he had it in New Testament times.
I love you! I'll send pictures later because I stink at taking pictures and actually don't have any new ones since the last time I sent some.
Sister Kuykendall

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