Monday, November 25, 2013

Friends and Family,
I love Rhiwbina! I think I've said that before, but honestly I do. I saw my president a few days ago, and he asked what I thought of the area. I told him I really wouldn't mind staying here for the rest of my mission, to which he smiled and said that chances of me staying here forever were quite slim. But oh well, I'll be fine.
So, the Brits don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Sad day, but there's an American in the ward who said he and his wife would love to feed us a nice, proper Thanksgiving meal. My Swedish companion is probably more excited than I am. As I am American though, I've been thinking, naturally, about the things that I'm grateful for at this time. One thing at the front of my mind is the Book of Mormon. This is a book that works miracles. As I've been out on my mission, I've become completely confident in it's converting power. This book is another testament of Jesus Christ. We can learn of him as the Master Teacher, the perfect Example, and a Friend.
This last week, Sister Heikki and I were taking to people in Whitchurch (another small town close to Rhiwbina) and a man came up to us and said "You're the Mormons, right?" To which I replied, "Absolutely!" We talked for a bit, then he asked about the Book of Mormon. I showed him a copy, inviting him to take it. He kept saying no and saying "That book is the problem." Finally, I said "Have you read the book?" Sheepishly, he replied that he hadn't. Right then, I realized I knew the book to be true, only because I had read it. I had taken Moroni's promise and read the book, and then pray to know whether or not it was true. This is most definitely a true book. We are challenged to simply ask, sincerely wanting to know, determined to act on the answer we receive, and having faith in Christ.
The physical and spiritual evidence from this book is undeniable. Here is a church that started with only six members in 1830 and has grown to 15 million worldwide. Yet besides this and many other reasons that I know the book to be true, I have read it and found it to be true from the contents. I challenge each of you to actually READ the book. If you've read it, read it again and again. Pray about it each time. I promise you as you do so with this promise in Moroni 10:3-5 in mind, you cannot find fault in it.
Okay, sorry for the longest e-mail I've written since I've been out. I love you guys!
Sister Kuykendall
Isaiah 41:10
D&C 122

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