Monday, December 2, 2013

Family and Friends,
This week has been quite a long one, as biking on the roads has become quite interesting. Sister Heikki and I are becoming super skilled at dodging patches of ice and biking in rain boots, heavy coats, and long skirts. And boy, do we love our area. Though finding people to teach is not easy, it has been strangely easy for us to love the people. One thing that we've noticed this week is how easily people can trust the missionaries. Like, just a random stranger on the street will simply tell us all their heartaches and trials and pains right on the spot. We were trying to figure out if it's just the culture, or because we're missionaries, but we've found that it's impossible not to love these people when you know the inner feelings and worries of their hearts.
We were tracting this last week on a street where we felt like every person was having a bad day. In other words, we were not being received (recieved? I can't spell) very well. As we got half way through the street and knocked on a door, both of us ready to run if needs be, but a young mom opened the door and listened to us. She was quiet and kind. We asked her about her beliefs, and she said that since her mother had passed away, she'd struggled with her faith in God. She told us some of the feelings she had and I realized then that the knowledge I have of eternal families is so precious. As we talked to her about our beliefs in the nature of God as a loving Heavenly Parent, she seemed to light up and asked if we could come back and answer more of her questions. Dude, we were so excited. Someone told me before I left that the mission is all about LOVE. And by golly, I think it is. I still don't know if I have a great capacity to love quite yet, but I hope and pray that it is improving.
I love you. Jesus loves you. Have a good week!
Sister Kuykendall

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