Monday, December 16, 2013

Proverbs 3

Family and friends,
Transfers have come and gone, and I'm still here in Rhiwbina with Sister Heikki. We were extremely excited to hear that we would get to stay here for another six weeks. It still feels like winter over here in Wales, with quite a bit of rain, mist, and fog. Temperatures continue to drop, but it's not as cold as Utah. Thank goodness.
This week was incredible, as we got to attend a Christmas conference with the entire mission. It's nice to be reminded every once in a while that you're not alone in this. Seeing the other 280 missionaries all in one place made me incredibly happy. We are almost 100,000 strong across the globe, each of us with the same purpose. There are always challenges that arise, but I have support wherever I look.
Though this last week was good, it still had a few disappointments. We've been teaching a man who has really come to accept everything we've taught him the past few weeks. He agreed to be baptized, has been coming to church, and then told on Saturday that he has to move to Manchester on Wednesday because of family issues. I seriously almost started crying. As we talked with him and tried to find out what steps we could take next, I realized that I wasn't sad that we would be losing an investigator, but that as he moves to Manchester, he might not accept the gospel there. We've been praying hard for him the past few days and as we've done so, we've felt that everything will be okay. Though he won't be baptized right here at this time, I know he'll accept it someday. We've truly come to love this guy and become friends with him. I just hope and pray that having the beginnings of the gospel in his heart will help him later.
Well, Merry Christmas! I love this season, and am so excited to celebrate it here in Wales. I love you!
Sister Kuykendall
Proverbs 3 - A chapter that has defined my mission thus far.

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