Monday, January 27, 2014

New Area: Newcastle Emlyn, Wales

Family and friends,
Transfers were this last Wednesday, and I have been sent to west Wales (my prayers to stay in Wales didn't quite go how I hoped). I am serving in the Newcastle Emlyn ward, and I live in a tiny little village (of about 15 houses) called Llandysul. This place is absolutely amazing. There are more sheep and cows than people, but that's okay. We can even see every single star at night. So here's how transfers went:
District Leader: "Sister Kuykendall, you'll be leaving Cardiff for Newcastle Emlyn!"
Sister Kuykendall: "....."
District Leader: "I don't know where that is. But good luck!"
As we're waiting in Cardiff for the coach to take us to the mission home and then to our new area...
Zone Leader: "Sister Kuykendall, your ride is here."
Sister Kuykendall: "My ride? I thought I was taking the coach."
Zone Leader: "Did no one tell you? You're in a car area. Also, your companion is from Armenia and doesn't have a drivers license, so you'll be driving. Here's the keys. You should probably start driving home now as it's starting to get dark."
Panic starts to set in as I realized I have to figure out how to get to an area in the middle of no where, drive on the left side of the road, in the dark. Right now my nana might be panicking, but no need to fear. I was just fine. And my driving skills improve each and every day.
Also, my companion's name is Sister Grigoryan. She's from Armenia (yaya Madie!). She's super bold and fearless and likes to give me compliments. She's about half my size and likes to cook Armenian food for me. Which includes lots of meats and spices.
I went to my first Sacrament in my new ward yesterday, and as we were saying hello and greeting all the members, I started to get super homesick for Rhiwbina. I miss my family there. If I ever come back to Wales, I'll be going to Cardiff. However, I must say that where I am now is the prettiest place I've ever been in my entire life. No exaggeration. It seems like a place that Dad would like. In short, I miss Cardiff. But I'm SUPER glad that I get to stay in Wales. I'll most likely be spending most of my mission in Wales, as my mission president said he might want me to get a UK driver's license. If I do, I'd mostly likely be driving for the rest of my mission. And 3 of the 4 car areas for sisters are in Wales.
This past week I've received an incredible amount of support from friends and family. I wish I could be home to hug each one of you and thank you. I've really been looked after and have had some really comforting and personal experiences that remind me that I'm not alone. Though sometimes it may feel like it out here when you knock about 4 doors and have to drive a half hour to the next 4 doors. I love you! Jesus loves you.
Sister Kuykendall

Sad to be leaving Sister Heikki
Leaving for her new area

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