Monday, April 14, 2014

Nine months!

Family and friends,
I feel as if this whole experience has flown by at an incredible rate. I only have nine months left! And I'm praying I'll stay in Wales for most of that time. Tonight, we find out about our transfer moves. Both Sister Allred and I are pretty sure we are staying, so probably not too much exciting stuff going on there. We love this area. It's absolutely gorgeous. I think I say that every time, but it's still true. And we've really grown close to the people we're teaching. I feel like they are my best friends, and I'll die if I actually find out tonight that I'm going across the country over to England.
This week we tried some different methods of finding, as it's been somewhat of a challenge to find actual people in our area, let alone prepared people. It's a really big area, and most of it is meadow, grassland, and farmland. Which is super pretty.
Today, we had the chance to go out to the coast of a place called Gwbert. There's a cool lookout where you can watch the seals, and loads of farm animals on the way. So we were loving life. I love Wales.
This week, we met a man who said he was atheist. Upon further investigation, we found that he believed in some form of a higher being (like most atheists over here). We tried to testify that there really is a God who knows and loves him and wants to hear from him. As I finished telling him what I know to be true, he sorta scoffed at me and said "You can't help me. You're too young."   I told him how I knew the things I did, and how I knew he could know as well. I couldn't think of anything else to do but just bear testimony. At the end, he sorta smiled and said "I like you more than the other religious people that come around." He walked away in dramatic fashion. Immediately, I thought about Elder Holland's talk. Though my situation wasn't as bad as having food spit in my face, some of the people we've met are short with us, impolite, or close-minded. As a missionary, I've been put in situations that have forced me to take a stand on many things. I hope that each and every person that reads this knows that I would simply not be here if I did not know that this gospel was true. I just wouldn't be able to do it. I know my Saviour lives. I know it with my whole heart, and I cannot deny it.
I love you! Jesus loves you!
Sister Kuykendall

                                 My cute district. It's just the elders in Aberystwyth and us.
                                                       Me and loose goat.
                                                      Preparation Day activity

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