Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This is the first time I've gone a whole week without writing in my journal. Ha, and it probably wasn't a good week to choose because there was a crazy amount of ish that went down, and I really wish I'd had the chance to record it all along with my feelings. That's what pdays are for, right?

First off, district unity came with a price this week. After spending pday together last week, we were all quite ill for the rest of the week, but not sick enough to keep going. We has loads to do this week. Some highlights from the past week....

#sharethegift: On Tuesday, we went to a meeting with all the zone leaders in the mission. Our mission president told us about the Christmas initiative going on this December all over the world based on the video that the church made about the true meaning of Christmas. If you haven't seen it, that's sad and you should. Christmas.mormon.org. The video is amazing, and we try and share it with as many people as possible on the street because it immediately brings in the spirit to any situation. I'm part of something huge. Every single missionary in the world is part of this big initiative. We're all sharing the same video and talking about the Savior it every opportunity. Coohuh? Even the missionaries who have struggles back home or out here are finding it easier to set those things aside to focus on the Savior during this month. 

Lights: We went to street contact in city centre, and were surprised to find that there was a huge party going on for the beginning of the Christmas season. They turned on loads of lights right as we got up there, and then a group called Union J came out and started singing in the middle of everyone. Apparently they're a big deal over here? It got us super pumped for the month to come. 

Thanksgiving: We ate too much food and were sick for the rest of the night. Still fun though! 

Baptism: Our investigator was baptized! Chaunli is from China, and loves Jesus and the Atonement. He's absolutely amazing. Two other investigators in the district and ward were baptized at the same time, and there was a really good turn out. It was probably the most powerful experience on my mission. These people become your best friends. Even the investigators of other missionaries become your own. We all help each other to reach the same purpose, and by the time all three were prepared for baptism, we all felt so proud of them. My heart felt so big. After the baptism, all 10 missionaries from the ward and our investigators and newly baptized converts went to eat Chinese food. 

Happy days. Love you!

Sister Kuykendall

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