Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Madie madie it!

Family and friends, 

This whole week I was super nervous about Madie leaving for Armenia for some reason. Right after I got done e-mailing last week, I kept feeling like something might not be right with her leaving.  Sister Allred was probably super annoyed with me this whole week because every day I was like, "What if something goes wrong with her traveling arrangements? I feel like something isn't right. Maybe we should pull over and pray for her right now?" I had no idea that she had been delayed because of a possible health issue (that turned out to be just fine) and had to travel alone from SL to Paris with a layover and then on to Armenia. Holy cow. I'm grateful for all the people that helped her and were aware of her along the way. She was constantly on my mind and in my prayers. She's so great. 

My week went by super fast for some reason, but we again had some really neat miracles. As we were trying to contact someone in a place called Llandysul, we met a man sitting outside his home in one of those computer rolling chairs. He wasn't doing much,  just rolling back and forth in his chair. We decided to talk to him. He said that he's super interested in religions and loves talking with missionaries. We said sweet, we are missionaries! And he said okay so we taught him the first lesson right there. He was really genuine and seemed super grateful for the Book of Mormon. It really was a tender mercy. However, when we came back to teach him at the time we'd scheduled, there was a note on the door that said "I really love Jesus with all my heart, but I think I'm going to read all of the Book of Mormon and let you know what I believe when I'm done." We were a bit bummed, but perhaps we'll just send the next sisters there to see what he thinks. Anyway, little things like that get me really excited about talking to people. It's especially exciting when there is someone that actually has a belief in God over here. It seems quite rare.

Funny: A man we spoke to told my companion that I had brainwashed her. She didn't say anything back, so he probably really thinks I did.

Sad: One of our favourite investigators is struggling with some family issues and has been ignoring us, so we're bummed. But we'll keep trying and praying for them.

Goat: A goat tried to eat my hand this week. I was just standing outside this farming development, and all of a sudden the thing just bit my hand. 

Anyway, I love you! I love Wales.

Sister Kuykendall

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