Monday, May 12, 2014

More miracles

Family and friends,
I've had a sneaky feeling that I'm leaving this area at the end of the transfer (May 21st) so we've been trying to live it up over here in Newcastle Emlyn. I absolutely love my area - though not as much as my first - but I'm really ready for new things. And I really wanna be out of this car and back on my bike!
I'm pretty sure that I start way too many of my e-mails with the line "This has been a week of miracles." And sorry to be unoriginal, but most weeks on a mission are like that. And this week honestly has been. To begin, there's a super cute family we've been teaching for some time now. They've been struggling to progress, though they love learning and feel that they have found what they've been looking for. We decided for our lesson this week we wanted to create an environment where the Spirit could really dwell and we could help them to come to understand the importance of reading the scriptures and praying. They have a one year-old daughter, and when we come, they sorta use the teli as a babysitter. It's usually pretty quiet, but it still distracts from the message and the Spirit. We decided that we would just pray really really hard that somehow the teli would be off, and we could have a nice environment for the lesson. When we got there, we saw the baby fast asleep on the couch. The mom was super confused, saying that she is never asleep at that time, but all I could do was smile to myself. I knew why she was asleep. It's so nice to have Someone so reliable to trust and rely on. Though this may not seem all that exciting or big as I'm explaining it to you, I just want you all to know what a big deal this is for me. I do not doubt that there is a God who knows me. And boy, what a humbling feeling I receive when I can see His hand in my life. I know He's real. 
Funny: While driving on a highway, we came to a herd of about 20 cows in the middle of the road. They seriously just sat there, and we couldn't back up or go to either side, so we ended up waiting on this tiny back road for these cows to move for like 45 minutes.
Sad: Some friends and family sent me pictures from about 4 different weddings. I think all the boys will be taken by the time I get home.
Family: I loved Skyping with my family! 

Confusing: My family got a new dog. I hope the dog doesn't touch me when I get back, or else I won't be living at home. 
Anyway, I love you! Jesus loves you. I love my mission. I love Wales.
Special K

Random bench we found in our travels

My cute Welsh friend

Mother's Day Skype with the fam

Cow friends

Merthyr Tydfil zone after football

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