Monday, May 19, 2014


Family and friends,
This week was a bit rough, as it seemed like everything we'd planned seemed to fall through and go the exact opposite of what we'd planned. It was really stormy a few of the days that we had finding all day, and super hot and sunny for the day we had to drive to Merthyr Tydfil for stake conference, which took up most of our day. But that's okay, because I love this area. Transfers are on Wednesday, and I sorta have a sneaky feeling I'm leaving. I've started to say goodbye to people in the ward as well, so if I don't leave I'll be a bit embarrassed. We'll find out tonight what's going on, so I'll let you know next Monday.
So. With the lessons that didn't go as planned. There is one man that we have on a baptismal date for June 7th. He's absolutely incredible, and loves the gospel. He believes it and loves it, and he always tells us how the Book of Mormon gives him peace. He's been a miracle for us; however, this last week we had the Word of Wisdom lesson with him, which went very well, until we told him it included no tea. It's common setback for the British people, and I can almost predict their reactions now. We tried to help him understand and explained that this was something he'd have to learn about through experience and testing, but he wouldn't have it. He got pretty mad and asked us to leave. At the end of our lessons, we usually leave him with a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read before next time, say a prayer with him, and set up another appointment. Because we were practically thrown out, it ended quite abruptly. As we were walking out the door, still in our shocked states, he opened the door again and almost angrily asked what chapter he was to read in the Book of Mormon this week. I could tell he was trying to keep his pride, but he still wanted to read. I smiled to myself, and felt that though the lesson was a bit sad, we still won in a way. The Book of Mormon is true without a doubt.
I've been out for almost 10 months now, and people still remind me I'm over half way every time. I think I might start lying and saying I've been out for 6 months. It would save a lot of trouble. If I only could be at 6 months. Man, I'm still super jealous of Madie. I would love to go back to the beginning.
Funny: We started talking to this guy on the street a couple days ago. He was carrying a bag of what looked like pastries. I asked if he'd brought us lunch, and he replied, "It's weed, but sure if you'd like some." One day I'll understand the ways of the world.
Sad: I've made some really good friends in this area, and if I leave I will die inside. And I don't want to leave Wales. What if they send me to England?
I love you!
Sister Kuykendall
Ward buddies

We cut firewood for service. We're hardcore.

Pretty tree lined street in Wales

After a sad day

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