Monday, June 23, 2014

The bad fermata

We had a super preparation day today, filled with sun and sports. Our zone all went down to a beach in Swansea and played football right next to the ocean. There were loads of people on the beach as well, and quite a few joined in. It was a really neat finding opportunity actually. Our transfers are coming up soon, and I'm just realizing that I may not be near the ocean for a long time after this. What if I'm sent to the middle of England? I'm really loving Wales. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it over there.

This week had some really cool ups and downs, but mostly one big down that sorta made us depressed for the rest of the week. We had a really solid (or so we thought) investigator that just this last week told us he didn't want to meet with us anymore. As he told us he wanted to be done learning about the gospel, some of the thoughts going through my mind were "I thought we were friends!" "How could he do this to us?" "This was totally unexpected." It was like a break up, but worse.

As we walked out of this lesson though, we were able to talk to someone really neat. Actually, we were pretty depressed, so I don't think I was up to talking to anyone. But this guy in his late 20's calls to us and asks us why we're dressed all nice. We explained that we're missionaries. He told us that he was atheist, but then proceeded to tell us of this experience he had at a bible camp when he was a teen. He explained that as someone was praying, he got this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be okay. Essentially, he described the Spirit. It made me realize that God is so so aware of each person I meet and talk to and already know. God knows ME. He knows YOU.  

But here are some other moments from our week:

Funny: On Tuesday, we had zone conference in Rhiwbina. However, I couldn't even enjoy being there because I was stressing out about a musical number I was asked to be in with some other missionaries. We were all supposed to sing this song that sounded like EFY (and if you know me well, you know I really don't like that kind). It really sounded dreadful throughout, but the worst part was at the end of the song when we were all supposed to slow down for the last note. Like put a fermata on it. Put simply, half of us did, and half of us didn't, and we ended up just making everyone laugh instead of feel the Spirit. That's the end of my singing career.

Also funny: Boy about my age tried to give me a hug on the street as we were shaking hands. I sorta ducked down and he ended up hugging the air above me.

Sad: I'm dying that I'm missing the World cup right now. Seriously, dying. And it's also sad because during any sort of World Cup game, everyone seems to disappear. No one is on the street, and no one answers their doors. It's like a proper ghost town.

Testimony: I know my Saviour lives. I know He loves you and each person I talk to. I know this gospel has been restored through a prophet. Man, I love our prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is true because I feel peace when I read it.

One last thing, my mother has informed me that my grammar is started to get really bad. I'm sorry if any of you have noticed. I'll try to start reading through my e-mails before I send them. But I'm not looking over this one. Sorry.

I love you guys!

Sister Kuykendall
Me in a place called Cardigan

Football on the beach

We received flowers from a 3 year old 

Also, I found root beer here 

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