Monday, June 30, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Family and friends,

On Thursday of this week, a program called "Meet the Mormons" was broadcast over in the UK. Perhaps it was elsewhere as well, but as far as I know, it was only over here. Basically, it was a show that followed around a missionary in the Leeds mission and sorta portrayed the church in a negative light. When I first heard about it from a member, I got super discouraged. In my head, I was thinking, "The work is already hard! I really didn't need this." Right then, another thought came into my head, "Why are you worrying? The Saviour Himself is over this church." And with that, I felt completely fine and at peace. And you know what? Though the program was negative, this was probably the best thing that could have happened to us at this time. People have approached us, asked us questions, we have been asked to come for a visit by former investigators and random people we meet. We even got another media referral! I This has taught me to trust in the Lord. Though I may panic and worry, it's totally in the hands of One who knows everything, the end from the beginning. One person we're friends with in the area even came up to us and said matter of factly, "It's a load of rubbish! You guys are great. I don't believe a word of it." And honestly, if God be for us, who can prevail against us?

So, our week was filled with weird questions, people, and experiences. But in the best kind of way. I absolutely loved it. I love being on a mission. This Wednesday is transfers. I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen, and I decided I won't guess this time like I did last. I haven't said goodbye to anyone. Usually in our mission, missionaries don't stay in an area more than 6 months. But I honestly don't know. I'll let you all know next week. Maybe I'll serve in England? Since that's where I was called.

Funny: One of our investigators had watched the Meet the Mormons show. She had texted and asked if we could come sooner than we had planned because she had loads of questions. We got into her home, and the first thing she blurts out is, "How can I go to one of those Mormon dances? They wear clothes! And have fun while drinking punch! Is that real?"

Sad: I've been feeling a tiny bit ill lately, but only slightly. It's more just annoying. My stomach constantly feels a bit nauseated. I have been notified that it might be a slight intolerance to dairy. So for the next few weeks, I've been asked to stay off dairy to see if it makes a difference. "And no more happiness!"

Testimony: This church must be true. It just has to be. With all the 18 year old boys and girls (and 22 year old me) that are asked to drive in Britain on the wrong side of the road with no previous practice and hardly any accidents, the Lord must be looking after us. Seriously, it's just not plausible without having divine help.

I love you guys! Jesus loves you. Hope you have a great week.

Sister Kuykendall

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