Monday, July 7, 2014


Family and friends,
I am now in England. I'm serving here. This is for real. After a year in Wales, I'm in an incredible place called Peterborough England which is on the exact opposite end of the mission. This week was full of travelling. On transfer day, I drove from Newcastle Emlyn to Swansea and dropped of the car (you have no idea what a relief that was). Then I took a bus to Cardiff (I was seriously tempted to just walk off there), then from there I bussed to the mission home in Birmingham where I got to see all my favourite people. Then I took a bus from there to Coventry to Leicester and finally met my companion and trained out to Peterborough. Altogether, about 9 hours of travelling. Maybe you didn't want to know all that, but it was quite the day. But I felt so good about the call, and I know that this is where I'm supposed to be. I love the ward, I love our investigators, and people actually attempt to say my name over here.
My new companion is Sister W, and she's the cutest person on the planet and isn't 19. And we like to talk about CafĂ© Rio and Smash Burger. We are totally going to kill it this transfer. We both have our minds set on high goals, the ward is on board, and the people here are ready. To give you an idea of what Peterborough is like, most of our area are people from either Lithuania, Latvia, or Africa. I can't remember the last time I saw a white person (slight exaggeration). Anyway, I absolutely love this area. Though it's not as beautiful as Wales, I'm so happy here. 
England: This place is incredible.
Sad: Leaving my friends in Newcastle Emlyn was heart-breaking. I was nearly in tears all of Tuesday as I said goodbye.
Bike: I'M BACK ON A BIKE. And to put it simply, I'm out of shape.
I love you! Jesus loves you.
Sister Kuykendall
Saying goodbye to some of my favorites

Sister Allred and I leaving each other at transfers

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