Monday, July 14, 2014

We love Peterborough

This has been one of the best weeks ever! This place is booming, and it's been so fun having the ward on board. We taught a referral from our bishop on Friday, and he is golden. Seriously so prepared. He came to church, wants to be baptised, has almost finished 1 Nephi, and is wanting to make changes. It feels like I haven't done a single thing. We taught him the first lesson, and he just listened and nodded and said he'd ride his bike to church. We're so lucky. I love being apart of this process. We're also teaching a girl that is extremely excited to be baptised. As we told her and her mom of the things that baptism entailed and the life as a member of the gospel of Jesus Christ, her mom said to her, "This is quite the sacrifice, are you sure this is what you want?" We all turned to look at her and silently waited for a response. She said, "Well it's true isn't it? I'm willing to make sacrifices if it brings me closer to God." I almost died. 
Funny: On Saturday, Sister W and I walked outside to unlock our bikes. Two six year old chavs (what they call gangster like people over here) were playing with our bike lock combination. They ran off when we came, but stood about ten feet away behind a fence. We sorta just ignored that they had been trying to nick our bikes. I leaned my bike against the side of the fence as I put on my helmet. Right then, one of the kids ran up, jumped on my bike, and tried to bike away. I grabbed the seat and he ended up just staying in the same spot. He got off sheepishly, called me a few naughty things, and walked off. Here are the leaders of the future, everyone.
New best friend: We met a man on Monday that quite frankly was a little scary looking. He's a HUGE guy, on a skateboard, had a Budweiser shirt, a gnarly beard, and tattoos. My first thought was, "He is going to pummel you. Stay clear." And to my horror, I found myself walking in the middle of the sidewalk where he was riding and saying, "Hi! Do you believe in God?" Despite my lack of tact, we got into a way cool conversation. He believes in Oden and Thor and classifies himself as a heathen religiously. He loves beer, his daughter, and airsoft gunning. His nickname is 'Murica. I have honestly never met a more interesting person in my entire life. My dad told me to look for interesting people before I left, and he is the one. We set up an appointment to teach him. The lesson was great, and we all became really good friends, and he was very open and willing to learn and experiment. He gets it! At the end of our lesson we asked him who he'd like to say the prayer. His response, "I don't care, you're both dan* awesome." Legit.
Happy girl: We had zone meeting on Wednesday. I got to see all my old friends from the MTC. I'll send pictures of the groupies. #reunitedatlast
We love Peterborough! I love the English. And the Latvians. And the Africans. Etc.
Sister Kuykendall (they call me Sister Dolly over here since Kuykendall is too hard)

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