Monday, October 6, 2014

Best week

This was probably the best week of my mission thus far. Though there wasn't a baptism, or anything of major significance, I met some of the most amazing people, and I was able to share my testimony with them. And the week ended with an amazing conference that quite a few of our investigators were able to attend and feel the spirit. One of our friends came to the Saturday morning session. He's from China, and he's about 22 years old. At the start of the conference, he was feeling a little bored. He doesn't know English as well as he'd like, at he didn't exactly understand what he was getting into I guess. He stayed because we had treats, but by the end he seemed a bit frustrated. I asked what he thought of the conference, and in his broken English he said, "Why do I feel the peace in my heart if I didn't know what they say!" Bless. We love him. I'll include a few more investigator quotes from the week:

When explaining the Holy Ghost, our investigator from Korea who's about 29 years old said, "So it's like wireless internet between you and God?"

When we asked one investigator if he receives answers to prayer, he said, "God has given me answers. He gives it in the form of information, that I can either use or not. He can't force me to use it." He's really wise.

Also, I'm in love with investigators' first prayers. They're lovely. One 21 year old boy from Coventry said, "Heavenly Father, I don't know if you're there, but this prayer thing is really cool, I think you're really cool, these girls are really cool, and it's cool I can learn about you." 

Exchange: I got to go on an exchange to Bedworth this past week! It's a way cute leelte place. I was in a trio for the day. A bit #awks, but loved being able to see more of England. 

#ldsconf: One of our investigators came to conference a bit drunk, though he took LOADS of notes. I'm not sure what on, but we're hopeful that it was spiritual impressions.

We set some pretty high goals for this week, because we were surprised at what we were able to do this week. We're quite busy with exchanges, travelling, and meetings, but our hoping our faith will allow is some miracles.. ha. Anyway, sorry if this is short! I'll send some pictures. Love you.


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