Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! This week has been busy busy, but oh so good. 

Car: I passed my driving test! I will now return home with the best souvenir you could ask for - a British driver's license.

Another great quote!: (as we were teaching our investigator from China about tithing): "So, you said it's sorta like a tax, but that sounds more like an investment." He teaches us more truth than we teach him apparently.

I'm so sorry, but the elders are getting a bit antsy. There's a new one right behind my shoulder waiting to write his girlfriends that he talks about so often. So I'll send a few pictures, and make sure next weeks e-mail is planned out a bit in advance. Sorry mom! Love you.

Sister Kuykendall
P-Day activity last Monday

Something called hot pot. Lots of raw things. Somewhat vile, but we couldn't stop eating it. Went with our friends from China.

I love investigators!

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