Monday, November 3, 2014


Our favorite pal Ray was baptized this week! He's from South Korea, and he really figured these things out for himself. It's amazing how much God has been in the details for his conversion. He recognizes that there will still be lots of hard things in his life, but he is the epitome of GOLDEN. Seriously. As he came out of the water, he was smiling so big, and just kept saying, "Thank you. Thank you everyone for being at my baptism." And he would do a little bow. My heart melted inside. Everything he says is so perfect, and already he's loving the YSA in the ward. Life is gooooood. And though I make this whole story sound like it was a piece of cake, it wasn't completely. We definitely had bumps in the road, and a few unforseen events. But in the end, our friend has been baptized and he has been so happy. In his words, "I was happy before, but this is different. Things are harder, but I feel so good." 

Also, we met an amazing guy this week named Ryan. Honestly, when I saw him in city centre, I had no intention of stopping and talking to him. He looked quite artsy and unique with beautiful wavy hair and funky glasses. I immediately thought, "SURELY, he won't be interested in what I have to say." Anyway, Sister Bertha stopped him, so of course we all talked. He ended up being the coolest person, and he's had loads of questions about God lately. He kept asking, "How are you guys so normal, but love God? You're not like regular church people." I feel like everyone we meet over here in Coventry is elect. We meet our best friends every day. We're struggling to keep up with how amazing this place is.

I'm freaking out about transfers on Wednesday. This was seriously the fastest transfer yet. It was probably the best as well. I feel as if we were both able to lay everything completely on the line and totally maximize our potential together. Perhaps this sounds cliche, but I seriously could not be happier here. Every moment I have something eternally significant to do. What fun! Anyway, Coventry is amazing. 

Alcohol: Was offered some free beer last night. "Don't worry!" He said, holding out a huge open can, "You don't even have to pay me for it."

Men in suits: We brought our new 21 year old investigator to church yesterday. We introduced her to one of our 22 year old male members. After they were done talking she walked up to me and said, "I really like the way the men dress here. The suits are highly attractive." She looked around for a few more seconds, and then said, "I think I'll come next week." 

Halloween: We had to be inside our flat early on Halloween, so we celebrated by making a fort and filling it with glow sticks. We can't bear to take it down now.

Sorry for the many general and vague comments in this e-mail. I feel like I sometimes run out of things to say. I have seriously loved my life here though. 

Sister Kuyks

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