Monday, November 10, 2014

Next door

Transfers have come and gone, and Sister Bertha and I are still together here in Coventry. It's her last transfer, and my second to last, so more than likely I'll end my mission here, which is totally fine with me. We are loving it here. 

This last week, the berth got pretty ill. We had to stay in the flat for 2 days, and things were dreary and quite boring. You can only spend so many hours updating the area book, catching up on your journal, and taking selfies before you feel like you're going to go completely insane. We also had some really high goals for the week, so we were bummed that 2 days of the week were taken from us. But it was sorta neat, because then that meant the moments we did get to go out were quite precious, and we really wanted to use it wisely. For example:

On Saturday evening, we had a ping pong tournament at the chapel. Though Sister Bertha hadn't been well the whole day, she wanted to go so that we didn't go crazy in the flat. We did well, I beat some of the Asians (not sure if they let me), and then the tournament ended at about 8:30. We had a half hour before we needed to go in. We decided that instead of going inside, we would do 20 minutes of finding for the day. As we drove to our finding spot, we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to bless us with one person that wanted to be baptized. We got out of the car, and began walking. For some reason, no one wanted to talk to two coughing girls in the dark and rain. We stopped a girl coming from the train station. I was a little miserable at this point, and sorta just word vomited on her. I can't remember exactly what I said, but in the end, she said she's been trying to find out if God is there, and feels that baptism is the right thing for her. Ha. It almost felt unreal.

Prayer: As we were teaching one of our friend's last night, we asked how his prayers have been going. Here's how the conversation went.
Us: "How have your prayers been going?"
Him: "Gooooood. Good."
Us: "Do you feel like anyone is listening when you pray?"
Him: "Uh....... yeah! Next door."

On Sunday morning, some elders in our district had a baptism. Their cute  investigator is from Hong Kong, and he's a bit scared of girls, but we love him. It was a simple service, but the Spirit was amazing. The whole thing was in Cantonese and Mandarin, so I had no idea what was going on, but the atmosphere was just so nice. The gospel is so cool. It's so real, and it's the same wherever you go and in whatever language. We all sang "I am a Child of God" in Mandarin at the end. We all fluffed our way through, but this boy from Hong Kong seemed totally at ease and at peace. I love the gospel. 

I love you! Jesus loves you.

Sister Kate Kuykendall

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