Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello Everyone!

Our district has had some major problems with unity in the past transfer. Since transfers have just come around, we're all excited for the new fresh start with each other. This morning, everyone ran from their flats to the city centre. It was pouring rain, but everyone still came. We huddled around in the dark square and said a district prayer to start the morning. As we prayed, I felt a huge surge of love for these people, my friends. The mission is surreal. My best friends are all out here by my side. We all have the same goal, and we all are excited to share our miracles with each other. I know it sounds cheesy, but I just love them. I feel as if it's going to be impossible to come home. I was homesick for home for a week or so in the beginning, but I feel like I will always be homesick for the mission after this. 

The walk to church: Though we have a car, some of the elders in the district have been telling us we're weak for not just walking to church. We promptly made the decision that we would walk to church from then on, because we are far from weak. On Sunday, we organized a walk from city centre to the chapel with all the missionaries and their investigators. It was so cool to walk up to the meeting point and see about 20 people waiting there ready to go to church. It was about a 30 minute walk, and we were about 5 minutes late, so we made a huge scene, but the unity we all felt as we walked and talked together and fellowshipped each other's investigators and recent converts was amazing. #chineseswag

We had a really amazing week. It's felt so surreal. Seriously, I'm in love with the people here. Our district, the students, everyone is amazing. We're apart of something so real and amazing. The gospel is so incredible. It's true, and it's brings all sorts of people together. I cannot adequately describe the happiness I've felt this past week as we've continued to work alongside all the other missionaries. I'm honestly the luckiest girl on the planet.

I had a really sweet experience this week. On Tuesday, I had a really crummy day. I had been on exchange, and I went out even though I wasn't feeling well. I was feeling super sorry for myself, and at the end of the day after I was back in Coventry, I was trying so hard to fake a healthy countenance as I sat in our coordination meeting with all the other missionaries. However, in some very specific ways, I was able to receive comfort and direction for things I'd been praying about and agonizing over. Though some of these things aren't a big deal to anyone but me, I was reminded that God knows me. And not just me, but each of us. Every person I talk to, every missionary, all of us. Though it's so simple, I know God loves us and hears our prayers. I also have a testimony that God's ways are higher than ours. He knows me better than anyone. 

I love you!

Only 39 days until Christmas.

Sister Kuykendall 

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