Monday, August 18, 2014

New companion and more miracles

Family and friends,
Though I'm still in Peterborough, there have been loads of changes this week. My dear Sister W has left me to Nottingham, but Sister C is now here. She's come straight from Holladay, Utah. Today is only her 5th day, but the past few days have been good. Because I don't have too much time, I'll give a few small details from the week.
Small miracle: I absolutely love the fact that Madie and I are serving at the same time. I believe wholeheartedly that we are meant to be in the places we are at this exact time to intereact with certain people. I received a letter from Madie this week telling me she's serving in Sister Grigoryan's (my previous companion's) ward. They've been able to work closely together, and it's absolutely making me trunky (homesickish) that they get to interact. I love them both.
Brakes: I secured Sister C a bike before she even got here because I absolutely refuse to take the bus. So within our first 5 minutes of riding on her first day, we have to go down this huge hill. We get down about half way, and I hear this huge scream behind me. I turn around to see Sister C with her legs off the peddles and outstreched on both sides and holding on for dear life onto the handle bars. I stop my bike and just watch helplessly as she flies by me into a curb/bush and nearly topples over. I run over to see if she's alright, and we find very quickly that the brakes decided to go out the moment a new girl, less than a day out in the field, decides to ride it. Just my luck.
Big miracle: This week, one of our investigator's mums asked if she could speak to us. We set up a time. I was afraid she would ask us not to see her daughter. Instead, she told us that because her daughter had been investigating the church, she had started to do her own research. We had shared a Book of Mormon with her a few days before. She said she was completely not interested at all, but wanted to see what her daughter was getting herself into. She explained through tears that because of us, her family would be staying together. I cannot for the life of me remember what Sister W and I said that made it possible for her family to stay together, but for some reason, she gave us the credit for it happening. We didn't even know she was having problems with her husband or family. She told us that the things she had been learning about the church had been giving her comfort. She was surprised because she hadn't gone into her research with any sort of intention to change. Now, she has desires to be baptised and has started to keep the commandments on her own without learning them from us. I feel like we should be in an Ensign article or General Conference talk! The cool thing about all of this is that we seriously did not do a thing. We were missionaries. We gave her a book, shared our feelings and testimonies, and the spirit did EVERYTHING else. Everything. I am so blessed.
Well, time to wrap up. I'm sorry about my bad grammar and spelling. I see the red lines under some of the words, but I honestly cannot be bothered to fix them. I love you! Jesus loves you. The spirit is real.
Sister Katie Kate

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