Monday, August 25, 2014

worst trainer

Family and friends,

Today is something they call a "Bank Holiday" over here. It's a day that they call a holiday for no apparent reason and then everyone gets work off and the libraries are closed. So finding a place to e-mail today was an adventure, but here we are. 

We are absolutely loving our investigators over here. I am convinced that we have the best ones in all of the UK. One of our little investigators is only 10 years old. We taught her how to pray a few weeks ago, and she's been doing it often since then. This week, she told us how she's been really bullied at school. It broke my heart to hear about some of the really sad things she's been going through. She said that every time other kids make fun of her, she says a prayer in her heart. Through doing this, she's found confidence and happiness. She kept saying, "I think it's magic!" She described the Holy Ghost to us as a "tingling" whenever she thinks of Jesus. I've been with her since the beginning. I have not given her the words to say or told her exactly what she will experience when she prays. But as she described what she feels, my testimony was once again cemented a little further. This is true. Feelings are not made up. They are not coincidence. I don't know if I'll be able to fully explain my feelings about how I feel on a daily basis over here, but I wish everyone could feel this and be inside my head for only a time. I love my life.

Chav: As we were riding through a part of town that's very heavily populated with eastern Europeans, a group of European boys were blocking the bike path. We had to slow down, and when they saw us, one boy grabbed a stick and held it up to his mouth like a microphone and started to sing something in whatever language he spoke to the tune of "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston. #flattered

Worst trainer ever: We were riding our bikes home yesterday from an appointment. I was super lost in my own little world. I had been riding for about 5 minutes when I looked behind me and saw that Sister C wasn't there. I panicked and raced back to find her skirt totally tangled in her brakes and back tire. I remember those days. 

Anyway, I love you! Jesus loves you. A scripture that meant a lot to me this week - Mosiah 2:21.

Sister Kuyks

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