Monday, August 4, 2014

Miraculous week (another one :))

Fam and friends,
We had a miraculous week. Seriously, it was amazing. Also, I feel like e-mail time gets shorter and shorter ever week, but I'll try to give as much detail as possible.
This week I was feeling a bit homesick as Jilly was baptised on Saturday. I wanted to see her and hug her and see the change in her and I wanted to be with my family. With all the people that I love and that love me (I hope). I just prayed the whole day that everything would be okay, that Jill would feel the spirit, and that she'd remember the day and know that I love her. After reading my e-mails today about the experience, I realised that I have the best family in the world.
Yesterday was easily one of the top 10 days of my life. We had some amazing people at church, and oh my goodness I love this ward. The love I feel from the people here is unreal. They all love each other so much, and you can feel it emanate from them. I don't know how to describe it without sounding super cheesy.
Because I'm really bad at e-mail time management, I'll just tell the tale of one miracle that happened yesterday at church. We are teaching a Latvian family, and the mom comes to church every week. She's sorta become an eternal investigator, as she doesn't really keep big commitments and isn't really changing, but still comes to church because she loves it. We were struggling this week knowing how to help her progress. We've taught her everything. In Sunday school yesterday, I sat in a chair across from her. The class began as usual. The teacher got up and began talking about conversion and what true conversion entails. A short clip was put on about someone's testimony or conversion or something, but I can't remember. I can only remember looking at this woman's face and seeing a slow but obvious change come about her countenance. I could tell she was feeling the Spirit. That's one of my favourite things to watch. I love when I know that my investigator has recognised the Spirit. After class, she said she knew that she needed to act on all the answers she has received. Though I don't know how or exactly when she'll act, the rest of the day I was totally stoked. I love my life.
I love you guys! I'll be better next week with writing. Forgive me.
Sister Kuykendall

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